VERKAVELINGSVERHALEN Tales from the allotment

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Tales From the Allotment [Verkavelingsverhalen] is an ongoing initiative of a loosely organised collective of researchers and architects who are affiliated with the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University. Members of the collective work across several research units on study of and transformative concepts for the Flemish residential environment, most notably the prototypical Flemish residential subdivision. This endeavour balances the scale between ambitions of sustainability and the feasibility of interventions given the fragmented interests underlying Flemish spatial organisation.
The collective focuses on drawing forward site-based, specific narratives present in residential subdivisions, transcending the commonplace. These narratives form the basis for designerly exploration, in search of feasible interventions envisioning a higher level of sustainability. This includes strategies such as densification, diversification, retrofitting, shared usage, and collectivity.
These explorations occur on several levels. Throughout the curriculum of architectural studies, several studios on Bachelor and Master level serve as platform for enquiry. Also ongoing and finished doctoral projects as well as commissioned research contribute knowledge.